Coaching and mentoring, counselling and therapy

A psychological approach to helping you improve your life and your well-being.

No matter how good or how bad we feel about our lives right now, improvements can be made.

Peter has studied Psychology for over 30 years and has practised Personal Development Coaching and Business Coaching for 20 years, being one of the pioneers of this profession.

Recent research established that 43% of the people who registered for coaching sessions were found to be clinically depressed. Over the past 10 years Peter has also developed, through training, a deep understanding and knowledge of counselling and therapy, enabling him to competently help clients who may, even unknowingly, fall into this category.

Sessions are relatively relaxed and informal and the focus of the Practice is to help each client to leave every meeting feeling better about themselves and the future than when they arrive.

The number of sessions is agreed after an initial meeting and a price per session is agreed. Normal fee scale is £50-£80 per session (concessions available). Progress is monitored and reviewed so that the programme can be adjusted as required.

References from Clients 

The following references have been received, unsolicited, from clients

“I have used Peter's services as a business coach which through his time management & business coaching techniques has helped me to apply my time more constructivley and increase business productivity, also enabled me to free up more free time for my family.” Adrian Bohana, July 26, 2011 Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative

“ I turned to Peter and the Training, Coaching & Therapy Centre for help in a point in my life where everything was (surprisingly) going right – I had a good job, good relationship and was also starting my own business doing something I love – the problem for me was that all these things suddenly meant that I had a lot of new commitments and felt like I had no time in which to fulfill them which left me feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with it all. My sessions with Peter made me realise that I was adding additional and unnecessary pressures on myself and that there is only so much I can physically do in a day. I’m happy to say that my life today is still as busy and hectic at times but I no longer feel stressed by it, I do ‘have time’ once again to do everything – and have a rest! And most important of all without the additional stress I was causing myself I am now able to enjoy my life more. “ – Natalie Borg

“I've known Peter for several years and discussed his services with colleagues. They all speak highly of Peter's integrity and understanding.” November 10, 2009 Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value. Derek Hawkins hired Peter as a Career Coach in 2006