Peter was a Merchant Navy Captain before coming ashore to start a Financial Planning Practice at the age of 32.

He soon began to pursue his interest in Psychology, concentrating on the Psychology of Parenting as well as Business Psychology, Interpersonal Relationships and Strategic Coaching, attending courses run by experts both from this country and in America.

In 1987 he employed his own Personal Development Coach and, with personal training, became a Coach in his own right a year or so later. He is able to give added benefit by integrating his Financial & Lifestyle Planning experience when coaching clients.

By the late 1990s Peter realised that coaching was one step up the ladder from counselling. He knew that there was a real need to help a significant number of people to overcome emotional and psychological problems before they could effectively benefit from the development and life skills coaching process.

Peter embarked on another journey of education and learning, becoming qualified and experienced in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Integrative Counselling and Psychology. He has a BSc (Honours) in Psychology, Certificates in Counselling and in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and teaches CBT to trainee therapists at a Local Authority Adult Education Centre and a University.

He is continuing his education programme, including a further Diploma in Coaching and is furthering his specialisation in anxiety disorders, particularly Social Anxiety Disorder.