Case Studies

(For the purposes of confidentiality names and details have been altered)


Michael was a pharmacist client of Peter's Financial Planning Practice who realised that coaching might help him in his business.

At the initial meeting Peter helped him become aware that his life was not in balance and that his family and his personal life were both suffering; he also realised that these pressures could be limiting his effectiveness in the business.

Within a few sessions Michael had started to change his priorities and was finding that he was actually working less hours, was seeing more of his family and was pursuing personal goals and yet his business was starting to prosper.

One year later Michael had learned to play the violin (a long-held ambition) to grade 5 standard, had progressed to conversational fluency in German, and had started to play golf regularly. Surprisingly (to him!) his profit from the business had increased by 50%. By this stage he felt confident enough to be his own coach and his business and his personal life have gone from strength to strength ever since.

Counselling / Therapy

Joanna suffered from Social Anxiety Disorder and had always avoided promotion as she didn't want to be put in the spotlight. Nevertheless, she had to present to a group of colleagues at work on a monthly basis and she was finding this increasingly difficult.

She enrolled for a Social Anxiety CBT group and made great progress over the next few months, but her newfound confidence was not matched by her life skills as she had spent her life avoiding many of the routine challenges of normal life.

She embarked on one-to-one coaching and, within a few weeks had gained promotion, had ended a long-term relationship which she had not been able to terminate for fear of what "people" would think, and had distanced herself from her mother, who she realised may have been a cause of her social anxiety problems. She is now in a new relationship and feels fully able to cope with life's challenges.